Slant Edge Tweezers

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Slant Edge Tweezers


Easy to use must have tools to fix everyday beauty needs, leaving you pampered and preened to perfection. 


These precision made Sue Moxley pro tools slant edge tweezers are perfect for keeping your eyebrows shapely and even.   


To Use:
Remove hairs from below or between the eyebrows, making sure to pull in the direction of growth.  


Product Care:
Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly


Sue’s beauty Tips


Tweezers: How to use correctly

1. The best time to pluck your brows is when you have just got out of the bath or shower.  The warm  air will open up your pores allowing easier removal , another option is to steam face for five minutes over a bowl of hot water to open pores.  


2. Use a magnifying mirror in daylight for the best results.  Using your Sue Moxley Tweezers pluck stray hairs under the brow creating an arch the arch.  Should be about two thirds of the way across your brow at the outer edge.  


3. Don’t over pluck, it is better to leave it and live with your brows for a few days and then take some more if you wish, remember to pluck between your brows too.   


4. Your brow should start in line with the inner corner of your eye, so a pencil or ruler held upright from the inner corner will give you a good guide line.  Brows should be their thickest at this point and gradually taper out towards the outer edge.   


5. If your brows are sparse you can fill them in with a brow powder, using the pro-tools shadow brush and brush with the brow brush to blend and take away any hardness.  A brow pencil can also be used but it is still a good idea to brush with the brow brush to blend.


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