Lip Brush

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Lip Brush

Easy to use must have tools to fix everyday beauty needs, leaving you pampered and preened to perfection. 


This  luxurious lip brush from Sue Moxley pro tools is made with synthetic hair and a beautiful wooden handle to enable you to create  a professional look,  


The brush allows you to apply colour to you lips as well as concealer under the eyes without dragging.  Use to accurately apply concealer on blemishes before blending with fingertips.  Its soft head has been shaped especially to enable you to get the perfect finish. 


To Use:

Apply colour to the brush and apply by painting the colour within your lip line. Add concealer to your brush and apply where required. 


Brush Care:

Wipe off excess make up with a tissue.  Wash regularly in lukewarm water (do not exceed 35 C) using a mild detergent.  Rinse well, drying lightly with a towel or tissue then work the brush head back into shape using your finger tips. Allow to dry naturally.

Sue’s beauty Tips

Lip Colour: How to apply correctly

1.  Lip brushes allow you to use less lipstick but it also can be used to soften the line of your lip liner.  With the brush, you can blend it right into the lipstick so that it is not visible. 


2.  If you want to wear red lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup light. If you are playing up the eyes, keep your mouth light with a gloss or light lip colour that doesn't stand out. 


3.  For "plump" lips, apply liner just outside your natural lip line, using the Sue Moxley Lip Brush. Dab a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip. 


4.  Use liner on your lips as a base.  Lipstick will last longer if you fill in your lips with the liner first. If you're using light lipstick, try a nude liner. Then slick your lipstick on top. Lip gloss is infamous for wearing off fast, but if you fill in lips first with the liner, the gloss has something to stick to. 


5.  You can line before or after you apply lipstick or gloss. Some women prefer to apply liner first, arguing that you won't be able to see the natural line of your lips if you apply lipstick first. But I find lips look more natural when I line lips after I apply lipstick. 


6.  Never use a dark liner with light lipstick. Defined lips are great, but make sure the liner matches the lipstick or gloss. Dark liner and light lips is tacky. 


7.  You can also colour in lips with a darker liner before applying a lipstick that's too bright.


8.  Keep lipstick off glass. Discreetly lick your lips before taking a sip from a glass.  


9.  Keep lipstick off your teeth with this trick. After applying lipstick, take your index finger and pop it in your mouth, then pull it out. The excess lipstick will come off on your finger.


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