Foundation Brush

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Foundation Brush

Easy to use must have tools to fix everyday beauty needs, leaving you pampered and preened to perfection. 


This  luxurious foundation brush from Sue Moxley pro tools is made with synthetic hair and a beautiful  wooden handle to enable  you to create a professional look,  It is ideal for applying foundation to your face. 


To Use:

Apply you foundation to the back of your hand using the tip of the brush. Pick up a small amount of the foundation and start applying from the centre of your face in light feathery strokes, working upwards and outwards  Brush Care: Wipe off excess make up with a tissue.  Wash regularly in lukewarm water (do not exceed 35 C) using a mild detergent.  Rinse well, drying lightly with a towel or tissue.  Allow to dry naturally.


Sue’s beauty Tips

Foundation: How to apply correctly

1. Start by applying moisturiser to cleansed skin , this will help with even application of your foundation a rich moisturiser can be used for dry skin and an oil free moisturiser should be used if  you have oily patches, allow the moisturiser  a few minutes to sink in.  


2. Apply dots of foundation all over the face and blend carefully with the Sue Moxley sponge or  foundation brush , blend  carefully around the nose areas and  hairline and always bring the foundation under the jaw line and down the neck to make sure there is no obvious line (one of the biggest beauty mistakes is to stop foundation at the jaw). 


3. Now take your under eye concealer, preferably a light diffusing product, and dot carefully where there are any dark shadows, blend carefully with a Sue Moxley concealer brush. 


4. Next  take your thicker concealer and dot on to any spots or imperfections that need extra coverage, make sure the concealer is the same colour as your foundation or even slightly lighter, but never darker as this will make the spot look worse, blend carefully. 


5. Dip your powder brush into some loose powder and press on to the whole of the face do not rub or brush at this point, press down, this sets the foundation and doesn’t move it, which may happen if you brush make sure not to forget your neck as this will also help to avoid foundation marks on your clothes i.e. collars. Use sparingly around the eye area, as too much can accentuate fine lines,  don’t be afraid to add some on your lids, this will help with even application of eyeshadow.  


6. Now it’s time to brush away any excess powder with the powder brush


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