Eyeshadow Brush

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Eyeshadow Brush

Easy to use must have tools to fix everyday beauty needs, leaving you pampered and preened to perfection.


This luxurious eyeshadow brush from Sue Moxley pro tools is made with synthetic hair and a beautiful wooden handle to enable you to create a professional look,  It's soft head has been shaped especially to enable you to get the perfect finish. 


To Use:

Gently use the brush to apply and sweep over eyeshadow. 


Brush Care:

Wipe off excess make up with a tissue.  Wash regularly in lukewarm water (do not exceed 35 C) using a mild detergent.  Rinse well, drying lightly with a towel or tissue then work the brush head back into shape using your finger tips. Allow to dry naturally.

Sue’s beauty Tips

Foundation: How to apply Correctly

1. Take your Sue Moxley eyeshadow brush and dip into your shadow, tap off excess.  Use a light colour i.e. white, ivory, gold, taupe or cream all over the lid and brush right up to under the brow, this will highlight under your brow and also give a good base to use your next colour. 


2. Take a medium colour i.e. whether you are using browns or greens etc. take you medium colour and blend all over the lid into the inner corner and then blend above the socket line about two thirds of the way up and out but never take this colour right up to the brow. 


3. You can now bring the colour underneath the lower lash line starting at the outer corner and blending in to the inner corner. 


4. It’s up to you how far across you go under lower lashes, but half way always works taper the colour as you work towards the inner eye.  


5. Make sure there are no hard edges and that you are blending the medium shade into the lighter shade with soft movements, blending all the time.  


6. Now you can use you Sue Moxley blender brush to apply your darkest colour in to the socket of the eye, this creates a more dramatic look and the eyes can appear bigger too. 


7. Keep blending away into the socket line, concentrating on the outer edge of the socket blending in to the medium colour as you go.  


8.  For a more dramatic look bring your darker colour under the lash line and blend across, tapering as you go. 


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