Spending many years making up thousands of faces including countless celebrities Sue said "One of the most important items in attaining the perfect makeup are the tools". It's pointless having nice makeup if it isn't applied properly and that doesn't mean with your fingers!!I have designed a set of 10 brushes each brush has its own job and will give amazing results if used correctly. The smaller brushes are made from synthetic hair which is firmer than natural hair, the application of eyeliner and lipstick etc is far easier to apply with a firmer brush. The Powder and blusher brushes are made from natural hair they are softer and good for blending larger areas like cheeks and applying powder to shiny areas. The brushes are a beautiful on trend pearl white and come in a white wallet which can be wiped clean, they are the perfect size to fit in your bag for retouchingon nights out.


From left to right


1 Eyebrow Brush
This brush is used for brushing your brows into place. If you wish you can add a tiny amount of unperfumed hairspray to the brush which will help keepstray or awkard hairs in place, brush upwards and outwards into a neat shape. If you use eyebrow pencil or brow powder use a brush after to help blend.


2 Eyelash Comb and Brush
After applying a coat of mascara wait until dry then run the comb through your lashes to seperate any clogged lashes add a second coat and repeat the process. Lashes don't look good if they are stuck together so do not forget this part of the process, the brush can be used on the ends of the lashesto push them upwards and create a curl this opens the eyes up!


3 Small Shading Brush
This brush is for applying shadow across the lid and into the socket it is small to enable you to apply in difficult places like the inner corner of the eye dip in to your shadow tap off any excess and use sweeping movements to apply across lid and eye sockets if your shadow is too heavy in places use a touch of translucent powder on the brush too soften any dark patches or soften hard edges.


4 Eyeliner Brush
This brush is perfect for applying gel eyeliner or if you prefer a more subtle look wet the brush and dip into a black eyeshadow and drawthin line close to the top lashes tapering outwards at the outer edgeyou can of course use any colour shadow to do this.


5 Angled Shadow Brush
This brush is fabulous for even application under the lower lash, it enables you to create sharp lines, a great look is to bring the line outwardsabout half an inch towards your temple for a sexy feline look any mistakes can be erased with a cotton bud.


6 Lip Brush
Using a lip brush enables you to create a perfect even lip line you cannot achieve this using lipstick straight from the tube. Don't overload the brushas this will make the edges gunky, practise applying lipstick bringing the colour to the outer edge of your lip and checking that both sides are even. If it helps you can use a pencil lipliner in a natural shade to create the perfect shape then fill in with the lipbrush being careful not to paint outsideyour pencil line. Blot your mouth with a tissue and reapply for a longer lasting pout.


7 Larger Shading Brush
I use this brush for a base colour all over the lid and right up under the brow. You can use a natural taupe, beige, nude or even a soft silver or gold this also works as a base for making your shading with your darker or brighter shadow with the 'small shading brush' much easier to blend.


8 Foundation Brush
Using a brush to apply foundation is a must it enables you to apply evenly reach any small areas like around the nose and is far more hygenic than using fingers or a sponge. Take a small amount of product and brush carefully all over the faceusing more in areas that may need more coverage always blend under chin and down your neck, so many people forget this area. Take a small amount of loose powder and press all over the face, make sure that you press and don't rub as you may move the foundation. Brush away any excess powder with brush number 10, your powder brush.


9 Blusher Brush
Use this brush to apply your blusher across your cheekbones upwards and outwards to create a defined cheekbonedlook, use sweeping movements and tone down with a touch of loose powder if you over do it. If you prefer a more girly less defined look, use colour just on the apples of your cheeks continue to blend until you are happy with the look.


10 Powder Brush
As mentioned above, this lovely brush is used to brush away any excess powder after setting your foundation , it is also fantastic to keep in your bag for touch ups with powder for any shiny or oily patches. It also doubles up for applying bronzer on your cheeks, temples shoulders andcleavage but remember to clean brush after use.

Clean your brushes with a suitable brush cleaner or dip into water with a small amount of mild shampoo like baby shampoo and rinse thoroughly allow your brushes to dry naturally. Don't dry them with a hairdryer as this will cause them to lose shape.

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